The Best 2d & 3d Graphics Drawing Tool

As well as the ability to alter existing drawings, drawing software also includes error checking.

Prior to the introduction of graphical drawing software, products were designed at drawing tables by skilled draftsmen, who would draw up detailed schematics by hand. Modern designers are just as skilled, but drawing software has done away with the need for a steady hand and an abundance of erasers. The best tools go beyond just displaying shapes on screen; they emulate mechanisms and materials, they can be animated to show functions and they can help to calculate the stresses and tolerances.

Autodesk AutoCAD

AutoCAD was one of the first computer-aided design packages that could be run on a home PC, and the course of its development acts as a time line for all commercially available design packages. The modern version supports 2- and 3-D drawing, emulates a vast range of materials using its built-in library and mathematically analyzes the joints between two different surfaces to test their integrity. Due to AutoCAD’s massive user base, there is also a large support network and a large number of aftermarket plug-ins created by its community.


Produced by the same company as AutoCAD, Inventor is geared more specifically toward Digital Prototyping of products and mechanisms. Animation and simulation of moving components is streamlined in Inventor, and there are pre-written scripts to automate many common prototyping tasks. For instance, Inventor can automatically generate the shape of injection molds for plastic. Having designed the product, a designer can run the mold generator, and Inventor will automatically invert the shape and create a negative mold for the product.

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D’assault Systemes SolidWorks is one of the most commonly used 2- and 3-D drawing packages in industrial roles. Originally produced for the design and tooling of Aviation components, SolidWorks focuses on extreme accuracy with regard to tolerances and measurements. As a result, it may be somewhat overwhelming for the home user unfamiliar with such concepts. Coming from a corporate networked environment, SolidWorks is compatible with many other systems and is able to translate models and drawings created by other applications into its own format


Adobe Illustrator is most commonly used by graphic designers, rather than those designing physical products. As the tool set is intended to be used in the creation of aesthetically pleasing visuals, rather than accurate depictions of real-world objects, the available features differ from those in the other packages. Illustrator offers a number of expressive brushes that emulate real-world artist’s tools, HTML5 integration to streamline the use of images online, and optimization for mobile device displays.