The Best Graphic Laptops

With new laptops coming out every year, knowing which one is best for your graphic design can save you time and money.

Not all laptops are built the same. Knowing which one is best for your needs is essential when starting your career. For graphic design artists, finding the best laptop goes beyond the newest model to delve into processing power, memory capabilities and program compatibility. In today’s laptop market, it’s important to know how the most popular laptop companies, like Apple, HP and Sony, stack up when it comes to their power in graphic design.

Apple MacBook Pro

Within the last ten years, the Apple MacBook has become synonymous with communication careers such as graphic design. The new MacBook Pro offers either an i5 or i7 processor that works twice as fast as the previous model. These processors enable graphic designers to upload content from external sources and downloaded programs without the long wait. Along with a higher processing power, the MacBook Pro is compatible with the most popular programs in graphic design. Programs from the Adobe suit such as Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator are built and coded to work seamlessly with MacBook Pro, making them work at an increased efficiency level not seen in previous models. As of October 2010, prices start at $1,299, which makes the MacBook Pro the priciest of the graphic-design laptops on the market.

HP Pavillion Dv8T Series

Equipped with Intel’s new i5 or i7 processor, the HP Pavillion DV8T comes standard with Microsoft Windows 7, giving the laptop the optimum level of efficiency for a PC. The processing power allows for higher download speeds as well as a quicker response from the programs you use on your computer. For graphic artists, this eliminates the wait when it comes to seeing your final product, downloading it to your own website or sending the product to a client. Programs from the Adobe graphics suite, like Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash work well with the DV8T, but they weren’t created with it in mind. As of October 2010, the starting price is $1,099, which makes the HP Pavillion DV8T less expensive than other laptops for graphic design. This laptop is a good option for graphic designers on a budget.

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Sony Viao F Series

Lightweight and streamlined, the Sony Viao F Series comes with the Intel i7 processor to amp up its processing speed. The larger high-definition screen allows you to view multiple graphic design projects at once for maximum efficiency. The Viao F Series comes installed with Windows 7. As of October 2010, this laptop’s starting price is $999, making the Viao F Series an inexpensive way to start your graphic design career.