The Touch Specifications For Wonderware

Wonderware InTouch software finds its home in automated factories, and offers touch-panel operation.

Wonderware creates software solutions for operations management systems, including a line of products that help control industrial automation devices. Industries such as chemical, gas, power, mining, food and beverage make use of Wonderware’s products. Among the company’s products are Wonderware’s InTouch HMI and InTouch Compact Edition software programs, with graphical user interfaces that allow operators to communicate with automated systems. Wonderware also offers InTouch systems with touch-screen displays.

Wonderware InTouch HMI

Wonderware’s InTouch HMI software provides human machine interface, or HMI, capabilities for operations management systems. This software focuses on ease of use via a colorful graphic user interface that includes resolution independent graphics and intelligent symbols. The program’s scripting allows operators to customize applications to their individual needs. Wonderware InTouch HMI features a library of more than 500 pre-designed intelligent and customizable graphic and object symbols. The 2011 edition software also features real-time historical trending and real-time distributed alarming with historical views for analysis. InTouch HMI is compatible with Microsoft ActiveX and .NET platforms.

Wonderware InTouch Compact Edition

InTouch Compact Edition runs on simple industrial computers equipped with Windows CE operating systems, serving as a streamlined version of InTouch HMI. This software retains basic InTouch features like device integration and uninterrupted software migration paths. Like InTouch HMI, it relies on a graphic user interface, albeit a simplified one. This software can connect to multiple IO Drivers simultaneously. 2011 versions feature customizable scripting, Wonderware ArchestrA architecture compatibility and configurable applications that users can download to multiple operator stations. Like InTouch HMI, InTouch Compact Edition features real-time historical trending, alarming and logging features.

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Wonderware Touch Panel Computers

Wonderware manufactures proprietary touch-panel computers that include pre-installed InTouch HMI software. As of 2011, the company’s Series C touch panel computer features a TFT-LCD resistive touch screen display in resolutions of 800 by 600 pixels, 1024 by 768 pixels or 1280 by 1024 pixels, with 32-bit color. It uses Intel Extreme Graphics and 64 megabytes of shared video RAM. This system also offers a multi-lingual user interface, electromagnetic compliant construction, and pre-installed cloning, partitioning and recovery utilities. Users can choose various options for the Series C, including solid-state drives, multi-protocol Applicom IO cards and compact flash bays. Wonderware also offers touch-panel computers with two-piece construction, high contrast displays and fanless operation.