The Way To Catch A Celebi In Celestic Town On “Pokemon Diamond”

In the Nintendo DS video game “Pokemon Diamond Version,” the characters and graphics are enhanced to provide more stimulating animation and 3D effects. Although the graphics in the game are pretty to look at, the Pokemon character must still get through the levels and win battles in order to level-up. One of the goals in the “Pokemon Diamond Version” game is to arrive in Celestic Town and catch a celebi, which is a mystical creature with psychic powers. In order to catch one, you must follow a particular quest to Celestic Town.


1. Follow Route 215. Take it west until you reach the Psyducks. A psyduck is a Pokemon character that resembles a duck. This character, like the celebi, has mystical features. As you follow Route 215, you will come across a psyduck that needs healing. Heal the psyduck with a special potion and continue on.

2. Change routes to follow Route 210 into Celestic Town. Battle with the ninjas along the way. Pick up any items that are dropped from the battle. Head west, since the east direction becomes a dead end. Cross the bridge and battle with the old man who awaits you. You must defeat the old man in order to continue forward on the route. After this battle you’ve reached Celestic Town.

3. Look for the shrine in the center of Celestic Town. The shrine is where the celebi is hiding. The shrine is a tribute to ancient Japan and looks ornate. Look for the entrance to the shrine by examining all of its angles. Enter the shrine, which takes you into an underground chamber. The celebi lurks in the shrine and will come out when you least suspect it. Capture celebi as soon as you see it.

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