Toshiba 205cds Laptop Specs

The Toshiba Satellite 205CDS is the second of two laptops in the company’s early Satellite 200CDS series, the other being the 200CDS. The 200CDS and the 205CDS are both no longer in regular production, but the specification details are still available through a downloadable user guide accessed through the company website.

Physical Dimensions

The Toshiba Satellite 205CDS laptop is 11.8 inches long, 9.3 inches in depth and 2.2 inches in height. In millimeters that is 299 mm by 235 mm by 55 mm. The laptop weighs 7.9 pounds (3.54 kg) with a CD-ROM drive and 7.5 pounds (3.40 kg) with a disk drive.

Processor Description and Technical Details

The laptop has a built-in 100MHz, 2.9volt/3.3 volt Intel Pentium microprocessor. It also has a large-scale integrated metal-oxide semiconductor and an 8MB 3.3 volt/16 MB EDO DRAM. The video graphics controller is a F65550 SVGA controller with a 32-bit VESA local bus. The parallel port is an IEEE 1284 8-bit enhanced capability port.

Power Details

The computer operates on an integrated 30-watt, auto-sensing AC power supply with an input voltage of 100-250V AC, 50/60 Hz. The main battery is a removable and rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery. The battery allows for special features such as a Resume mode. The laptop has a battery charge display and features automatic power-off to save energy and battery life.

Storage and Port Details

The laptop has a 3.5 inch external diskette drive and a 2.5 integrated enhanced IDE hard drive and controller. The laptop also has a 9-pin, RS-232-C-compatible, high-speed buffered UART serial port that allows connection to an external modem, printer and mouse and a 15-pin analog SVGA port for connecting to an external monitor. Lastly, the laptop comes equipped with microphone, headphone and line-in jacks.

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Standard Hardware and Software

The laptop hardware includes an 82-key keyboard, an 11.3 inch monitor, Yamaha speakers and a built-in mouse. The software includes a Windows 95 operating system, file transfer and remote printing programs, faxing and telecommunications capabilities and ESS audio software.