Toshiba Portege R500 Specs

The Portege R500 is a notebook laptop made by Toshiba as part of its Portege series. The Portege series was a range of ultra-light notebook laptops. In 2007, the Portege R500 was the lightest widescreen 12.1-inch notebook in the world. It is also small and has a good battery life, making it a good example of the portable form of notebooks.


The standard processor on the Portege R500 is a 1.2 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 processor. This processor uses a 2 megabyte L2 cache, which creates a temporary copy of small amounts of data to speed up data recall. The processor uses a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 chipset to communicate with the other components. The Portege R500 includes 1 gigabyte of DDR2 SDRAM as standard, although there is a spare slot to expand this memory.


The Portege R500 has 64 gigabytes of storage space on a serial solid-state drive. This is part of what allows the Portege R500 to be so light. Solid-state drives are a smaller, lighter alternative to traditional hard drives.

Video and Audio

The Portege R500 features integrated graphics on its Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 chipset. The laptop doesn’t have any built-in speakers to provide sound.


The Portege R500 has a 12.1-inch diagonal widescreen display. This uses a WXGA (wide extended graphics array) display panel with a resolution of 1280-by-800 pixels and uses LED (light emitting diode) backlighting to provide a high-brightness picture.


The Portege R500 is 11.1 inches wide, 8.5 inches deep and 0.77 inches tall. It weighs 1.72 lbs.

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