Training Specialist Careers

A training specialist plays an important role in the field of human resources, helping employees perform their jobs better. The training specialist plans, organizes, implements and presents relevant information in a direct and structured manner to foster professional development, increased productivity and quality of work among trainees. Typically housed in human resources departments of large corporations and government offices, the training specialist is essentially a teacher for professionals. The median annual salary for training specialists in May 2008 was $51,450.


The training specialist usually has at least a bachelor’s degree and training in curriculum planning and design, as well as in group facilitation and presentation skills. Strong writing, language, communication, customer service and administration management skills are important.


The training specialist develops job-specific training to assist employees in their day-to-day jobs. In addition, he is responsible for acquiring or developing training manuals, training guides and documentation to accompany training. He presents materials using various instructional techniques, such as team exercises and lectures. Companies use surveys, focus groups, employee interviews and management consultations to gauge the effectiveness of training sessions.


Because the role of the training specialist contributes to the successful operation and growth of a corporation or government department, she must keep abreast of changing technology and be well-versed in various computer software programs such as document management software, web page creation and editing tools, graphics and photo imaging and web platform development software.


Familiarity with human behaviors and personal learning styles allows the training specialist to adequately address the needs of individual trainees. A keen sense of group behavioral dynamics and influences of social trends is essential. The ability to coach, mentor and assist trainees in developing and improving knowledge and skill is a fundamental requirement of a training specialist.

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The training specialist must have a keen eye for detail and be able to analyze information and troubleshoot problems at a moment’s notice, addressing employee business-related questions and issues. He must be adaptable to the changing needs of the workplace and be flexible in tailoring training to accommodate those needs.