Troubleshoot A Mobile Intel 945 Svideo

PCs have video adapters that support S-video connectivity.

Intel’s Mobile 945 graphics technology is compatible with traditional CRT monitors, LCD monitors, projectors and television sets. The TV-Out port on some computers with Mobile 945 can automatically sense when the S-video cable is connected to the TV set. However, if you unwittingly make changes to the automatic configuration, S-video functionality will cease to work. You can follow Intel’s troubleshooting solution to reactivate S-video connectivity via software on the PC.


1. Turn off the computer and television. Plug the ends of the S-video cable into the ports on the computer and television. Turn on the television and computer. Log into Windows.

2. Click “Start.” Click the “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu. Double-click the “Display” icon.

3. Select the “Settings” tab. Click the “Advanced” button. Choose the “Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver” tab.

4. Click the “Display” tab. Click “Television” as the output device.

5. Click “Apply” and “OK.”

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