Turn On The Content Manager In Daz Studio 3

Daz Studios 3 is a 3-D modeling application used to create scenes with figures, buildings, landscapes and props that are then rendered either as single images or animations. Daz Studio 3 comes with some installed content, but, for the most part, users use content that have purchase and installed on their computer. If you have other similar programs on your computer, such as Poser, Daz Studio’s content manager can be instructed to search your hard drive for this content and include it in the content folders.


1. Start Daz Studio 3. Click on the “Load” tab.

2. Go to the “Content” panel on the lower left. At the upper right of this panel, click on the “Display the Active Tabs” drop down menu. From the options, choose “Search for Content.”

3. Choose the drives you want to search in the dialog that opens. Then click “Do Search” to start the search. This might take some time, but the program will add any usable content to the library.

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