Tutorial For Amazing 3d Studio Max Explosion

AutoDesk 3D Studio Max is a modeling, rendering and animation application that allows you to create both 2D and 3D graphics. You can use 3D Studio Max to create computer animations, for video game development, and for special effects for movies. In addition, you can use it to render images for use in AutoCAD engineering or architectural design. If you want to create an explosion, you can do that as well, through 3D Studio Max’s “Deformer” feature.


1. Double-click the 3D Studio Max icon to launch the program.

2. Click the “Objects” tab and click “Deformer,” “Geometric/Deformable” to create a spherical object to explode.

3. Click “Bomb” as the object type and click on the “Explosion” icon. Place your cursor over the bomb and place it on the object you want to explode. It will create an explosion.

4. Click the “Modifier” tab and set the “Strength” to “1.0,” the “Spin” to “5.0” and the “Falloff” to “100.”

5. Click “Render” and make the range “1-100.” Click “Output” and save the file as an “.Avi.” You will now have an explosion, created and saved.

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