Uninstall Motherboard Drivers

A typical motherboard

A motherboard is the core of any computer system and is the large circuit board that takes up most of the space in your PC. All devices that make up a computer interact with the motherboard in some fashion. Your computer’s central processor for computations, graphics processor, sound processor and memory directly plug into the motherboard. Drivers allow a motherboard to function properly as well as communicate with the other pieces of your computer correctly and effectively. If troubleshooting, you can access the device manager to uninstall or roll back motherboard drivers to a previous version.


1. Right click on the “My Computer” icon on the computer’s desktop and select “Properties.”

2. Select the “Hardware” tab and then click on the “Device Manager” button.

3. Find in the list that appears the “System Devices” tab and expand it with a double click, and then select the “Motherboard Resources” link. Select the “Driver” tab in the new window that opens.

4. Click on the “Uninstall Driver” or “Roll Back Driver” button to perform either of these actions. You can also click “Driver Details” for the name of the current motherboard driver in use on your machine.

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