Update Drivers For S3 Graphics Inc Savage Ix

S3 Graphics Inc. is a video card manufacturer that produced the Savage IX graphics card. This graphics card was one of the first 3D graphics cards that S3 produced. It is included in S3’s legacy section, as the card is no longer produced or maintained. Drivers are available for Windows XP operating systems and earlier, but no new drivers are being developed to make the Savage IX compatible with newer Windows operating systems.


1. Go to “Start” and right-click “My Computer.” Click “Properties.”

2. Go to the “Hardware” section and click the “Device Manager” button.

3. Click “Display Adapters” to expand the section.

4. Right-click the listing for the Savage IX and click “Uninstall Driver.” Confirm the driver uninstall. Removing the original Savage IX driver reduces the chances that you will run into problems due to the presence of older driver files on your system.

5. Navigate in your web browser to S3 Graphics Inc’s site (see Resources). Hover over “Download Drivers” and click “Legacy.” Click the “Legacy Software Page” link at the bottom of the product listing.

6. Click “290-298drv.” Choose your operating system and your specific Savage IX version from the list of drivers. Click the driver file and save it to a location you can remember.

7. Double-click the downloaded ZIP file and choose “Extract All Files.” Click “Next” to progress through the extraction wizard that pops up. Note the location to which the driver files extract.

8. Go to “Start” and right-click “My Computer.” Choose “Properties” once again, “Hardware” and then “Device Manager.” Open the “Display Adapters section and right-click the Savage IX card. Choose “Update Driver.”

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9. Choose “Install from a list or specific location.” Click “Next.”

10. Browse to the folder in which your Savage IX driver files are located. Select “Include this location in the search.” Click “Next.”

11. Click “Continue Anyway” if a warning message about driver signing appears. Click “Finish” and restart the computer.