Upgrade A Windows Xp Video Card

Learn update a video card on the Windows XP operating system.

A video card is an important component to all computer systems that have video or sound capability. The video card allows generation of images and image viewing on the computer. The type of card in the computer determines the brightness of the image, flatness of the image, clarity of the image and overall image manageability. There are wide ranges of video cards that also have additional functions that allow the user to capture video and view the 3D or 2D graphics that are missing features from regular video cards. Keeping the video card updated allows the card to function with new features that the user may not know of.


1. Locate the video card manufacturer by right-clicking on a blank area of the desktop and selecting “Properties” from the menu. Locate the tabs across the top of the window labeled “Themes,” “Desktop,” “Screen Saver,” “Appearance” and “Settings.” Click on the “Settings” tab and notice the section labeled “Display.” Locate the video card listed after the monitor name. The video card manufacturer may read “NVIDIA,” “Matrox,” “S3,” “SiS,” “Intel” or “ATI.” Another way to find the video card is by right-clicking the “My Computer” icon on the desktop. Click the “Hardware” tab and click the button labeled “Device Manager.” Click the “+” symbol next to “Display adapters.” Locate the video card in the “Display adapters” menu.

2. Download the latest drivers for the video card by right-clicking on the video card and choosing “Update Drivers” from the menu. Select the “Yes” radio button to allow the computer to search for the appropriate driver on the Internet, and then click “Next.”

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3. Click the radio button to “Install the software automatically” and click “Next” to start the wizard. Once the wizard completes, click “Finish” or choose “Find Manually” to locate a file on the computer to update the driver.

4. Upgrade the video card by using a downloaded video card driver from the appropriate website. Visit the manufacturer website by searching for it using an Internet search. Type the name of the card installed on the computer in the search bar on the website. Click on the Windows XP version of the video card in the search results. Click the type of card to update or upgrade and choose “Go.” The automated download process will begin. Choose a location to save the file by clicking “Save As” and clicking the location in the left pane. Click in the “Filename” box and type a name for the file. Click “Save.” Repeat Step 3 and choose “Find Manually” to locate the newly saved file. The wizard will find the file and update the video card appropriately.