Upgrade The 32 Mb Video Card In A Gateway Computer

Upgrade the 32 MB Video Card in a Gateway Computer

A graphics card is responsible for processing all of the images that appear on your monitor. Much likes other parts to the computer, a GPU (graphics processing unit) has a speed, has memory, and nowadays most even have there own fan. All of these parts make the graphics card like a mini computer for processing the images on your PC. If your graphics card is outdated, games won’t function properly, and some programs may not function. The solution is to perform an upgrade.


1. Unplug your computer. Take out all cords attached to your computer, and touch the computer case with your hand to remove any remaining static charge.

2. Unscrew and remove your Gateway computer case. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws in the back of the case. Computerhope.com suggests you slide the side of the computer towards the back of the computer to remove the computer casing.

3. Find and remove the graphics card. In your gateway computer the graphics card will be in the middle of PC plugged into a white slot. It will have a monitor output on the exterior. You can simply pull to remove it.

4. Write down the specs of your graphics card. Take the card into your local computer store and find an appropriate replacement. Not all graphics cards may be compatible with your computer; it’s best to consult someone at your local computer store, or your computer manual before making a purchase.

5. Install the new card, and close up the computer. The new graphics card should slide right into the old slot. Slide the card in until you hear it click into place. Put the casing back on your computer, and plug everything back in.

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