Upgrade The Intel 810 Chipset

The Intel 810 chipset supports Intel Pentium 3 and Intel Celeron processors. You can upgrade your Intel 810 chipset to a higher processor speed, choosing from any number of Pentium 3 or Celeron processors. Upgrading a processor allows the computer to process data more quickly, allowing you to have a faster overall computing experience.


1. Shut off your computer. Turn the computer case so the back is facing you. Remove the power cable. Disconnect all peripheral and network cables connected to your computer.

2. Remove the case cover on your computer tower. Cases come with a variety of opening methods, ranging from unscrewing the entire top to pressing a button on the side of the case.

3. Lay the computer on its side, so the open side of the case is facing toward you.

4. Remove the power cable leading from the heat-sink fan to the motherboard. Slide your flathead screwdriver in between the heat sink and the clips latching it to the motherboard. Press on these clips to loosen the heat sink. Pull the heat sink away from the processor once you have completely unclipped it.

5. Press the small metal handle next to the CPU socket up. Remove the current processor from the computer. Insert your upgraded processor carefully. You want to avoid bending any pins in the socket. Lower the small handle back to its original position.

6. Spread a dab of thermal paste on the bottom of your heat sink. Latch one of the side tabs to the clips on the motherboard. Use a flathead screwdriver to press in the tab on the other side to get it to latch correctly. Connect the fan to the motherboard power connector. Put your case cover on and reconnect all cables.

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