Upgrade Traceroute For Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a graphically rich, Linux-based operating system that functions similar to the Windows operating system. However, Ubuntu is open source software and is available for download free of charge from the Ubuntu website. In addition, thousands of open source applications for any task are available free of charge. Using “apt get” or the Ubuntu Software Center, obtaining additional applications is a simple task. To install or upgrade the Traceroute utility for Ubuntu, just run a command line statement in the Ubuntu Terminal window to install the tool.


1. Click the “Applications” link on the top taskbar in the Ubuntu desktop.

2. Click the “Accessories” link and then click “Terminal” to open the command line Terminal window.

3. Type the following command at the command prompt and press the “Enter” key. The apt get program will download the Traceroute installation application and automatically install the utility.

sudo apt-get install traceroute

4. Type the following command at the command line in the Terminal window (with your domain name in place of “mydomain.com”) to run Traceroute.

traceroute mydomain.com

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