Upgrade Your Powerpc G5 Graphics Card

A new video card can improve 3D graphics.

The Power Mac G5 is the most powerful workstation computer released by Apple during the era before Apple transitioned to using Intel processors in its machines. Unlike the majority of Apple’s computer models, which are not meant to be opened and serviced by the end user, the Power Mac G5 is more of a traditional computer in that it can be upgraded to the user’s liking. Upgrade the video card in your late 2005 Power Mac G5 to bring increased performance to games and 3D rendering tasks.


1. Shut the Power Mac G5 down. Remove any cables, then move the Power Mac G5 tower to a work surface. Place the Power Mac G5 tower on its side so that the release lever on the back of the tower faces up.

2. Pull the release lever away from the back of the Power Mac G5, then lift the side panel off the computer. Place the side panel on something soft to avoid scratching it.

3. Remove the plastic wind tunnel covering the expansion card slots by grasping the handle and pulling straight up.

4. Touch a grounded metal item to discharge static, and hover your hand over the video card inside the Power Mac G5 tower to make sure that it is not hot. If you feel heat, wait several minutes before continuing.

5. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the Phillips head screw anchoring the video card to the Power Mac G5 tower, then lift the card straight up to remove it from the PCI Express slot.

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6. Push the new video card into the same slot that the original card was removed from. When the card is in the slot fully, anchor it to the Power Mac G5 tower using the Phillips head screw and tighten the screw with the Phillips head screwdriver.

7. Replace the plastic wind tunnel covering the expansion card slots, then place the side panel back on the Power Mac G5 tower. Push the side panel release lever down into its original position.

8. Return the Power Mac G5 tower to its original location and replace all cables. The computer is ready to use.