Use A Computer To Draw Geometry Shapes For Math

Use a Computer to Draw Geometry Shapes for Math

Whether you are completing a project for school, creating a worksheet or test for students, designing a simple logo for a website or preparing a business presentation, you can create your own shapes in your computer’s word processing software simply and in a matter of minutes. If you want to use the shape in another program, it is not difficult. After you create the shape, it only takes a few more steps to save it as a picture file that you can open in other programs.


Create the Shape

1. Sketch your shape or design. Break complicated shapes down into simpler ones. For example, to create a crescent moon, draw two circles with a small space between the same sides. Draw a square over the intersecting part of the circles to hide everything but the moon.

2. Open your word processor and make sure you can see all drawing tools available. Create the basic shapes necessary to construct your design.

3. Format each shape with the fill color and line color you want. If you cannot find the format option, try clicking on the shape with the right-hand mouse button.

4. Arrange the shapes next to or on top of each other as desired. Use the order function in your word processor to put one shape above another, and use the group function to lock shapes together. Again, if you cannot locate these functions, right-click on the shapes. To use the group function, hold the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard while you click on each shape you want to lock.

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5. Use text boxes to add any text you desire. Format the size and font of the text, as well as the line and fill color of the box.

Use the Shape in Other Programs

6. Click the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard to copy the image of your shape.

7. Open your photo editing software. Click Edit > Paste. The shape should appear, along with the entire computer screen at the time you clicked “Print Screen.”

8. Crop the image so only the shape you want remains. Save the image as a picture file.

9. Open the program in which you want to use the shape. Insert the image file you created in Step 3.