Use A Laptop For 3d Animated Games

Laptops can be used for gaming if configured properly.

Although the integrated hardware components used in laptops make them less than ideal for playing 3D PC games, it is still possible to run games well on them, depending on the age and hardware of the laptop. Keeping your software up to date, minimizing the amount of resources your computer spends on other operations and lowering the graphics options on games can all improve the performance of 3D gaming software on a laptop.


1. Run Windows Update. The shortcut for Windows Update is typically located in the Start menu. Clicking on this shortcut will open the Windows Update program, which automatically checks for and downloads improvements to the Windows operating system. Some of these improvements can result in improved PC performance.

2. Update your Microsoft DirectX software. DirectX is the software program that Windows uses to render three-dimensional images, and the software is frequently updated and optimized. The latest version of the DirectX software can always be downloaded for free from the official DirectX website.

3. Update your video card driver and software. If you are unsure about what type of video card is installed in your laptop, check “System” within the “My Computer” Windows application or consult the user manuals. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of your video card and follow their instructions for driver and software upgrades, which can improve the performance of 3D rendering.

4. Close unneeded programs. Every program your computer runs utilizes processing power and RAM, which are also needed to run 3D game applications. Programs such as web browsers, antivirus software and music-playing software all take resources from your computer even when they are not directly in use.

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5. Reduce game software quality settings. This step should be your last resort, as it will decrease the quality of the game graphics, but it may be necessary to get newer or demanding games to run on a laptop. Most games offer general graphics settings ranging from “Low” to “High” which automatically adjust a number of graphics settings. If the game requires individual setting configurations, lowering the resolution and turning off anti-aliasing tend to produce the greatest increase in performance.