Use An 8600 Gts On An Hdmi

The Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS is a graphics card that supports outputting its signal to an HDMI connection. HDMI connections are commonly used on televisions, so you can connect your computer’s graphics card to the television to take advantage of the larger screen. The HDMI out port is located on the back of the graphics card, next to the monitor port.


1. Position your computer tower so the HDMI cable reaches comfortably between your television set and your computer tower. Turn off your computer and television.

2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the video adapter. The HDMI port looks like a large USB port, and is recessed into the display adapter compared to the other cable interfaces on the display adapter.

3. Look on the back or side of your television for the HDMI port. This port may be labeled as HDMI or you might just need to look for a match to the port on the video card. Connect the HDMI cable into this port.

4. Turn the television on first. Use your input button on the remote control to select HDMI as your input type. Turn on your computer. The computer display appears on the television screen. Some video cards allow you to adjust the HDMI output settings through the driver’s control panel or software.

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