Use Animations In A Promethean Board

Use Animations in a Promethean Board

Promethean boards are taking classrooms by storm. Combining the traditional whiteboard with a touch of technology, they allow students and teachers to have the best of both worlds. Promethean boards can increase the overall mode of the classroom, causing students and teachers to be actively engaged while learning and teaching. However, teachers can sometimes face issues when trying to manipulate the ActivInspire software in conjunction with the Promethean board.


Get Acquainted with the System

1. Click the “Start” button and go to “Programs” on your computer. Under “Programs,” locate “Activ Software” and then open “ActivInspire.”

2. Once ActivInspire comes up, close out the “Dashboard” screen.

3. Now that you are on a blank page, play with the tools. Learn the system, such use the pen, clicker and paint. This will allow you to gain familiarity with the software before you begin to use animations, and eventually, create ActiveInspire flipcharts.

Finding and Adding the Animation

4. Locate some animations that you would like to use on your ActivInspire flipchart. Many you can find and download for free from the Internet (for some examples of free sites, see the links under Resources).

5. Download the animations chosen onto a USB stick or your computer. When downloading, be sure to create a folder just for your animations.

6. Once you have located and downloaded your desired animations, return to ActivInspire. On the menu bar, click on “Edit” and then “Design Mode.” This mode will allow you to manipulate text, colors, sounds, pictures, and animations on your ActivInspire flipchart.

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7. Click on “Insert” and then “Access Media” on your menu bar (you can also press “Ctrl+M”).

8. Locate the folder that contains the downloaded animations and open it. Click on the desired animation and select “Open.” The animation should appear on your blank ActiveInspire flipchart.

Manipulating the Animation

9. Select the “Clicker” on your toolbar.

10. Click on the animation. Above or below the animation, a picture toolbar will appear. This toolbar allows you to make the animation bigger, smaller, or duplicate it–without having to go to the menu bar.

11. Manipulate the elements so that you achieve your desired position, shape and size.