Use Arc Letters In Corel Draw

Arched Letters

Whether you are creating logos for your website or making print ads, knowing create Arc letters–words and letters that arch over objects or designs–is a useful skill. In some graphics programs like Photoshop, this feature is built into the text function. But if you are working in CorelDraw, you have to take a slightly different approach.


1. Open CorelDraw. Select “New Document.” Then hold down the mouse over the “Freehand” tool until the options appear. Select the “3-Point Curve” tool.

2. Drag a straight line across the canvas. Then let up on the mouse button. As you continue moving the mouse, you will see that the middle point of the line moves in relation to it. Move the mouse so that the line forms an arch, and then click again to set the arch.

3. Select the path you created using the “Pick” tool. Go to the menu, select “Text” and click “Fit Text to Path.” Make sure the font and size are what you want, and type in your text. Then go to the “Text Orientation” box in the upper left to choose the way you want the text to be oriented in relation to the path.

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