Use Blender & Create A 3d Model

Blender is a full-fledged 3D modeling and animation package that has many features of expensive programs like Maya, 3Dmax or Cinema 4D. Yet, unlike its pricey cousins, Blender is freeware. Blender can be used to create a model, texture it, rig it for animation and then create and render out the animation itself. If you would like to create a 3d model, like a table, you can quickly do this with the tools and functions inside Blender.


1. Go to and download the latest stable version of the Blender program. Install it to your computer. A shortcut to Blender will appear on your desktop.

2. Start up the program. You will see that you have one menu at the top, a view under this, another menu below this and, at the bottom, a set of panels controlling various modeling functions. A cube is by default placed in the scene.

3. Hold down the middle mouse button and rotate the cube a bit to see the faces at an angle. In the controls just below the view, change the “Mode” from “Object” to “Edit.” Then click on the “Face” selection mode.

4. Right-click on the top face. Now go down to the “Mesh Tools” panel and click “Extrude.” Use the mouse to extrude out a very short distance. Then click on the “Mesh” menu item and select “Transform” and then “Scale.” Use the mouse to size up the extrusion so as to create a wide flat surface to serve as the bottom of the table top. “Extrude” again to create the thickness of the tabletop.

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5. Select the face at the bottom that will become the central pedestal leg of the table. Use the “Extrude” tool in combination with the “Scale” function. Create a series of extrusions made up of widening and narrowing faces, which will result in a leg with diamond shaped curves. Finish the extrusions by creating a very wide foot as a base for the table.

6. Select “File” and click “Save.” Name your file and hit “Enter.” You have now saved your 3D model. If you want to use it in another program, select “File” and click “Export.” Choose the file type you want to export the model as. Wavefront OBJ is a good one to use, since most 3D programs recognize this format.