Use Character Map On Mac

Need letter with accents or other special character fonts and graphic symbols? Mac has the tools similar to PC’s character map ready for you to use. These ways are user friendly and can be even more useful than PCs character map.

Follow either approach to get the special characters you are looking for.


1. One approach to use a character map like program on you Macintosh computer or laptop is by Character Palette. Click the apple in the top left corner and go into system preferences and search Character Palette. From here you can choose the different language keyboards that will be presented on the top right.

2. Use the Font Book app. They have a list of all certain character options by the font choices you have installed on your computer. They also give u a good preview of all fonts.

3. The last approach isn’t permanent but works the easiest. Use an online character map or download a character map on your computer. There are numerous links on the side of the article that should lead you to a character map that will help you out.

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