Use Drop Shadow In Adobe Photoshop

One of the more popular layer styles in Adobe Photoshop is a drop shadow. A drop shadow can be used to create a shadow, and if used right, it will add natural emphasis to your Photoshop creation. In the following steps, you will apply a drop shadow to text, but you can also apply a drop shadow to an image or any other object.


1. Start a new blank file in Adobe Photoshop. Use the Type tool to type a letter or word on the document.

2. Select the layer that holds the letter or word and click on the “Layer” menu, and then select the “Layer Style” submenu. After this, select the “Blending Options…” option.

3. Click on the “Drop Shadow” title on the left-hand side of the dialog box.

4. Select a blend mode for your drop shadow by choosing an option from the “Blend Mode” drop-down menu. Set the opacity for that blend mode by keying in a percentage or using the slider to get your desired opacity.

5. Change the angle of the drop shadow as well as the distance, spread and size. The angle of the drop shadow will control the direction in which the drop shadow will appear. The distance, spread and size settings will change the structure of your drop shadow.

6. Choose a contour for the drop shadow and adjust the noise for your drop shadow. You can also choose the anti-aliased option to get a softer look for your drop shadow.

7. Click OK on the “Layer Style” dialog box and watch your drop shadow be applied to your text.

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