Use Graphic Organizers To Prewrite

Graphic organizers can help students map out their ideas.

A graphic organizer is a teaching tool that can help students organize ideas visually. Graphic organizers are worksheets and are usually made up of multiple shapes or columns that students can use to sort information.This tool can be especially helpful when students are analyzing difficult conceptual material like interpretation of literature or historical events. When writing a paper, a graphic organizer can be used in a way similar to an outline by providing students with a structure through which they can plan the writing of their paper. Whether you are a student or a teacher, knowing use a graphic organizer to pre-write paper can help you maximize their potential.


1. Identify the main idea of the paper. Use one of the columns or boxes to write down this main idea.

2. Create three supporting ideas that help prove the validity of your main idea. The graphic organizer should be designed in such a way that your students will be able to record these ideas in a way that visually relates them to the main idea.

3. Find three concrete points for each of the three supporting ideas. Write these under of near the three supporting idea boxes or columns. Remember, the goal of a graphic organizer is to help students find a relationship between these points and visually organizer their thoughts. Create a graphic organizer that makes this possible.

4. Use the filled out graphic organizer to help shape your paper. Write the first draft of your paper and expand upon each of the three supporting idea. Find quotations or evidence, from a piece of literature or subject experts, that exemplify your three points for each supporting idea.

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