Use Handprint And Footprint Poems For A Father’S Day Card Or Gift

Use your child’s handprint to make a special creation for dad.

Dads can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to Father’s Day gifts and cards. After the hoopla of Mother’s Day in May, Father’s Day comes right as summer is hitting its stride. The kids usually aren’t in school making cute crafts as gifts, and mom’s stuck trying to figure out what to give dad that doesn’t involve a tie or a power tool. Fortunately, there is a solution that features getting the kids involved — use their footprints and handprints in conjunction with a poem to make a card or gift he will treasure for a lifetime.


To Make a Card

1. Choose an appropriate poem. You can find footprint and handprint poems on the Internet. Simply go to your search engine, type in “Baby footprint poem” or “Baby handprint poem” and peruse the results.

2. Place the poem first. You will need construction paper or card stock. You can either use your printer to print the poem on the right side of the paper (which will be the inside of the card once you fold the paper), or you can print the poem out on decorative paper and glue it onto the right side of the paper. Fold the paper or card stock in half to make the card.

3. Pour a bit of craft paint — any color you or your child wants — onto a paper plate.

4. Use a foam brush to apply paint to child’s foot or hand, depending on the poem inside.

5. Press the hand or foot to make a print on the front of the card. Let the paint dry.

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To Make a Gift

6. Choose an appropriate poem.

7. Make a wall hanging. You can make a lovely framed keepsake that the dad in your life can display proudly. For a more artistic, professional look, take a photo of your child’s feet, and use a computer graphics program to superimpose the poem over the feet. You can also have this done professionally. Then put the photo in a nice frame. Or if you have multiple children, use a photo frame that holds several photos. Print the poem, and insert it into one photo slot. Make a print for each child on paper the same size as the photo frame inserts, and when the paint is dry, fill the photo slots with the prints.

8. Make a gift for or from the garden. Make a stepping stone using cement. Simply mix the cement and pour into a mold in the shape you want, and have your child imprint the stone with his hand or foot. When the stone is dry, use a paint pen to write the poem on the stone. Or find a good-sized rock from your garden, paint your child’s print on the rock and then use the paint pen to add the poem for a treasured paperweight.

9. Make a coin box. If the dad in your life needs a place to hold his spare change at the end of the night (or anything else), take a small wooden box with a lid (you can find them at craft stores). Paint the box with craft paint, and then in a contrasting color place the child’s print on the lid of the box. Print the poem, and decoupage it to the lid, as well, next to the print.

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