Use Kidspiration In The Classroom

Children can have fun while learning through Kidspiration software.

Use Kidspiration in your classroom to inspire all types of learners. Kidspiration software is for children in kindergarten through fifth grade that includes lesson plans for the teacher. The program helps students learn reading, writing, math, science and social studies using visual tools, audio and text to help develop comprehension, writing, reasoning and problem-solving. The program uses simplistic click-and-drag features.


Project Organization

1. Use Kidspiration as an organizational tool for classroom projects, such as an autobiography project. Open “Picture View” in the program. Go to “Teacher” option, and click on “Enable Teacher Menu” option.

2. Click “File” and then “Save as,” and save the format on your computer about the autobiography project. This activity allows your students to organize how they will write about themselves.

3. Ask students to click on “Main Idea” and write their names. Students can use the icons across the top to follow prompts, such as the plus bubbles icon to start organizing ideas. They will also hear prompts, which is especially helpful for pre-readers.

4. Have the students write all of their different likes and dislikes in graphic or text representation. For example, the middle bubble can read “Olivia,” and other text bubbles can read “like ice cream,” “like movies,” “like playing with friends” and “like books.” Have students organize the bubbles so the most important items are listed first, which helps them understand the importance of an outline.

5. Import photos of the students and their families.

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6. Teach the students to save their outlines, print them out and look at them as they start writing. Have them hand in the outlines with their autobiography papers so you can understand how they reached their conclusions and understanding of their own life stories.

Teach Regrouping

7. Teach students regrouping in math through pictures and text so they better understand the concept. See how the students respond to visual representations of regrouping as opposed to just explaining them.

8. Go to Kidspiration Starter. Then go to “Activities” and click on “Numeracy.” Click “Adding with Regrouping” and then “OK.” Have your students follow the directions on the page of using 10 base blocks to show how the problem works.

9. Look at and explain the three columns of 100s, 10s and 1s columns in pictures with blocks on the page. Click the next page by clicking on arrow in upper right hand corner. Wait as your students solve a problem with picture representation and text. Students write in a lower left hand box where it says “Explain Your Work.”

10. Have students work in groups to solve the problems on each page, and see which team wins first. Kids move boxes from one column to another to represent the idea of regrouping with blocks, and then they explain it.

Lesson Plans

11. Utilize the different lesson plans within the Kidspiration program. One example is the “Cartoon Creator” lesson plan where you can teach your students about creating nonfiction stories from start to finish, using historical events in a fun way.

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12. Read the set of directions, which explains what age group it is for and what students are learning besides history, such as learning tell a story using visual aids. Have the children each pick a historical figure, and write down six historical events that were important in that figure’s life.

13. Have students go to “Activities,” click on “History and More” and the click on “Cartoon Creator.” Here they can import graphics, show what the characters say in text bubbles and use text to explain the historical event in each picture.

14. Have the students play around in the program to learn better use it. This is an excellent way for the students to learn history in a fun and actively engaged program.