Use Tbs Cover Editor

TrueBoxShot Cover Editor is an application that was developed to help users design product boxes, such as software packages, DVD cases and book covers. It can even be used to create documents such as membership ID cards. Compared to other graphic design software, TBS Cover Editor is modestly priced and fairly easy to use. A first-time TBS Cover Editor user can create a virtual box shot in just a few steps.


1. Launch TBS Cover Editor. Click the “New Cover” icon on the program toolbar; the “New Cover Wizard” will open. Select a 3-D object for your project and then choose a cover template. Click “Next.”

2. Enter text into the relevant fields for your cover template. Provide details such as the product title, features, manufacturer and company website. Click “Finish.” The “New Cover Wizard” will close and the basic design of your cover will be generated.

3. Customize your cover design by modifying the properties in the “Image Settings” section. Adjust the markers on the “Hue,” “Saturation” and “Brightness” scales to change the color of your image background.

4. Click the “Document Settings” icon on the program toolbar; a Document Settings window will open. Open the “Color” drop-down menu and select a swatch for the document background.

5. Select any unwanted design elements and press the “Delete” key; these items will be removed from your cover design.

6. Add a shape to your cover design by selecting a vector object from the Shapes window. Drag the graphic onto the cover design and position it as you please. Resize the graphic by expanding or contracting the image handles. Go to the Custom Shape Settings window to apply effects to the shape or change its color.

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7. Add an image to your cover design by clicking the “Picture” icon on the program toolbar. Browse for the image in the File Selection window, select the item and then click the “Open” button. Move the image as desired and resize it by expanding or contracting the image handles. Go to the Image Settings window to apply effects to the image or change its color.

8. Select the text on your cover design. Go to the Text Settings window to change the font, size, color and formatting of the text.

9. Click the “Render” button to preview a 3-D image of the cover design.

10. Click “Save” to store your cover design in a project file. In the Save File dialog box, enter a file name and select a storage location for the project. Click “Save.”