Use The Organizer Tool In Microsoft Word 2002

Microsoft Word’s organizer feature allows you to change the information you have in your Word templates. By using this tool, you can delete, change or even copy the styles of your templates into another file. All of the changes that you wish to make can be done inside of the Organizer’s dialog box. You can also copy entries from one text to another. The organizer tool can also be used to copy custom toolbars that you have created.


1. Open your Word program. Click on the “Menu” bar and choose “Tools” then “Templates and Add-Ins.” This opens the “Organizer” dialog box. In the dialog box, you will see four tabs: “Styles,” “AutoText,” “Toolbars” and “MacroProject Items.” Choose the tab for the type of template that you want to change or organize.

2. Click the “Styles” tab if you choose to change your template’s style. Under “In Professional Report,” choose which style you want to change, such as “Body text,” “Caption,” etc. Under “Styles available in,” choose which template the style is available in. For example, you may choose a “Professional” template.

3. Choose whether or not you want to “Copy,” “Delete” or “Rename” your style by choosing the appropriate button. Choose the location under “To” that you want to copy or rename the style to.

4. Click the close button at the bottom of the dialog box when you have chosen all of the options for changing your templates.

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