Use The Overdrive App

Many people like to get a little more performance out of their video card. If you have and ATI — now AMD — video card, this is easily accomplished with the AMD Overdrive application. Overdrive is a component of the AMD Vision Engine Control Center, which is installed as part of the driver package for your video card. It will allow you to manually or automatically overclock the clock settings on your ATI video card’s GPU and memory. It will also let you manually control the video card’s fan speed.


1. Turn on the computer.

2. Right-click any open space on the desktop. The desktop menu will open.

3. Click “AMD VISION Engine Control Center.”

4. Click the “Performance” button.

5. Click “AMD Overdrive.” The Overdrive window will open.

6. Click the “Lock” icon to activate Overdrive.

7. Click the check box next to “Enable AMD Overdrive.” Click “Auto-Tune,” then click “to have Overdrive automatically test and set overclock settings” for the GPU and memory. When Auto-Tune is finished, click “Done” and “Apply” to save the new settings. In the alternative, you can move the GPU and Memory sliders to manually set their speeds. If you use this option after setting your speeds, click “Test Custom Clocks” to make sure they will work. If they pass the test, click “Accept” to save the settings.

8. Click the check-box next to “Enable Manual Fan Control.” You can increase the fan speed — which is usually set at 40 percent — up to 100 percent. When you have adjusted the fan speed to the desired setting, click “Apply.”

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