Use X3d To Make Simple 3d Graphics For The Web

X3D Graphics is the open source based, XML-based, international standard for 3D on the Web. In the 30 years that 3D graphics have been in existence, technology has progressed to the point where one no longer has to acquire costly proprietary computer programs or tools to create 3D graphics. X3D is designed for Web interoperability and does not require advanced programming skills to be able to start producing basic 3D graphics! This article will demonstrate the necessary steps to setup an X3D authoring environment and produce “Hello World” in X3D!

Instructionsopen menu from the X3D-Edit file menu. The X3D graphics file is now viewed in the X3D Edit tool. Every programming language starts authors on viewing and recreating ‘Hello World’ in that language.

6. View Hello World in Xj3D.

7. Click on the text node in the HelloWorld.x3d scenegraph. Edit the words Hello World to Hello and your first name.

8. View the updated X3D scene.

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