Valentine’S Day Crafts To Make

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped cards.

Craft projects are a tradition on Valentine’s Day. Many people make Valentine’s cards to give to family and friends. Other craft projects focus on decorating the home or classroom and celebrating the day with special foods and treats. Projects usually center on Valentine’s themes like the colors pink and red and hearts in all sizes and shapes.

Kid’s Crafts

Create a keepsake by making fingerprint hearts with your family. Buy red ink and dip each child’s thumb in the ink. Two thumb prints lined up together makes a heart shape. Give kids a craft project to play with later. Make heart-shaped crayons. Unpeel the wrapping from crayons. Break the crayons and put in a muffin or cookie pan that is heart shaped. After baking and then cooling, the crayons are ready for immediate use. You can make multi-colored crayons or use just one color.


Valentine’s Day cards play a large role in the holiday. Make cards at home to give away to family, friends and teachers. For a basic card, fold a piece of construction paper in half. Draw a large heart, with the middle in the crease, cut out the heart for a heart-shaped Valentine. Draw on the card with markers or crayons. Decorate with glitter. Write love quotes on the Valentine. Make more elaborate Valentine’s using graphic design programs on a computer or by using stamps and scrapbooking paper with embellishments.


Make a heart garland for your house or for the classroom by cutting hearts from construction paper. String the hearts together by placing a dab of glue on the back and attaching to a piece of yarn. Put the string up on the mantel or wall. A good craft to organize Valentine’s cards is a holder. You can decorate a plain brown bag with markers, crayons or colored pencils for a cheap and easy holder. Add glue and hearts cut out from construction paper to make the bag more festive.

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Food Crafts

Turn foods into a craft project on Valentine’s Day. Make heart-shaped Valentine sugar cookies. Decorate the cookies with red or pink frosting and take to school or work. On Valentine’s morning, make pancakes in heart shapes for the kids. Or let older children make the pancakes with you. Either cook in a heart shaped mold or use a spatula to curve the pancake into a heart shaped. Top with whipped cream in a pretty border around the pancake. Make dinner festive as well with heart-shaped ravioli. You can make the ravioli from scratch with just a few ingredients and then cut into a heart-shape, filling with cheese, spinach or pork.