What Is 3d Mode For Software

Graphic Design software has developed over the years in a variety of different ways. A relatively new and glowingly standard feature in most design software today is 3-Dimensional (3D) modeling.

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Photoshop CS5 is an industry standard in the Graphic Design industry. It is used to primarily edit and create rich artistic images. In recent versions, including CS5, it also incorporates a 3D modeling feature that allows you to adjust images quickly from 2D to 3D and use them in either print, web or animation sequences.

Microsoft Expression Blend

Microsoft has created its own design studio, called Expression. One program within the Expression family is Blend, which is similar to Photoshop, and can be used to create and adjust 2D images. It has a minimal built-in 3D modeling feature that is expanded on with the program extension called Zam 3D. Zam 3D aids transitioning from 2D to 3D, and allows you to create animations using the 3D images in conjunction with Microsoft Expression Blend.


3D truly comes to life in the movies. Animation today is done commonly on a desktop computer rather than with a pencil and paper. Autodesk has created software dedicated to creating animation for the silver screen. It’s program Stereoscopic 3D was used in the DreamWorks animated feature Monsters vs. Aliens.

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