What Is A Graphics Chip

A graphics processing unit is responsible for creating 3D visual effects.

A graphics chip, technically known as a graphics processing unit or GPU, is the primary hardware component found on video cards in computers and other similar devices. The GPU processes the calculations needed to construct 3D images and motion effects used in computer games and other graphic-intensive applications.


Nvidia was the first company to develop a graphics processing unit in 1999 with the introduction of its GeForce 256 GPU. This chip was capable of processing 10 million polygons per second with over 22 million transistors.


Graphics processing units are generally found on video cards or as integrated video memory on a computer motherboard. A video card or integrated GPU is essential for playing games with 3D graphics and performing other computer tasks. A basic video card may not be capable of producing realistic 3D graphics or motion. These effects require the additional power of a graphics processing unit.


The graphics processing unit is the powerhouse that provides dazzling 3D graphics and other special effects by performing calculations involving lighting effects, object transformations and motion. These tasks are very intensive to carry out on a computer’s central processing unit, so the dedicated memory provided by the GPU allows for the more advanced 3D effects that we enjoy in games and other graphic-intensive applications.

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