What Is An Electronic Organizer

Electronic organizers have many functions that help with productivity.

An electronic organizer is similar to a computer, only on a much smaller scale. Also known as a personal digital assistant (PDA), electronic organizers have many features that have made them popular. While electronic organizers vary in memory size and capabilities, many are able to exchange information with full-sized computers. For instance, you may transfer a document from your computer onto your electronic organizer so that you may work on it when you are not near your computer.


Electronic organizers have always had basic features like calendars, address books and task-list programs. However, with increased technology you can now find electronic organizers with Wi-Fi, digital cameras, email and MP3 players.


The cost of an electronic organizer varies by model and available features. Basic organizers can cost as low as $20; however, new and fully loaded organizers can cost upwards of $600.


The PDA was first introduced in 1993 by Apple, Inc. Since then, other companies such as IBM, Motorola and Panasonic released unsuccessful models. It was not until 1996 that PDAs began to flourish, when Palm released its PalmPilot PDA. By packing quality features in a tiny unit, Palm PDAs became one of the most popular organizational tools around.

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