What Is An Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor

Intel’s Core 2 Extreme is a powerful processor for personal computers.

The Core 2 Extreme processor by Intel comes in either dual-core or quad-core flavors. These processors are the most powerful of the Core 2 series, although newer Core i7 processors outperform even Core 2 Extreme.

Processing Speed

Core 2 Extreme central processing units (CPUs) run at a minimum of 2.66 gigahertz (GHz) and a maximum of 3.2GHz per core, with each CPU having either two or four cores. These CPUs have a front-side bus speed of up to 1600 megahertz (MHz) and a beefy layer 2 (L2) cache of 4 to 12 megabytes (MB).

Power-Saving Features

Despite being a powerhouse, the Core 2 Extreme is not a power hog. Intel’s “Deep Power Down Technology” enables less power consumption during computer stand-by. Using multiple cores also conserves the energy a processor uses.

Other Features

Core 2 Extreme processors utilize Intel’s “Wide Dynamic Execution” to allow more instructions sent per clock cycle and “Smart Memory Access” for better handling of multi-threaded gaming. “Advanced Digital Media Boost” accelerates 3D rendering for faster handling of game graphics. The “Advanced Smart Cache” feature makes caching more efficient.

Socket Type

Most Core 2 Extreme processors use land-grid array (LGA) socket 775 technology, alternately called “Socket P.” Some server versions use LGA 771 sockets and are not compatible with home computers.

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