What Is The File Extension 3dmf

Apple Quick Draw 3D is a computer program that allows you to create three-dimensional images and graphics using a type of technology called QD3D. The program used 3dmf files to save the images your create with the program.


A file with a 3dmf extension is known as a Quick Draw 3D metafile. The file extension serves as a marker to your computer, signaling that the file requires a program capable of displaying QD3D graphics.


You are most likely to find a 3dmf file in the default location that you have chosen to save your work from Apple Quick Draw 3d, such as your “Documents” or “Images” folder.


Files with a 3dmf file extension are versatile and can be used to save one object or character or an entire scene created with Apple Quick Draw 3d.


You can turn or view 3dmf files on a number of programs, including Alpha Omega 3DMF Viewer, Apple Quicktime player, Lundstrom Design TouchCAD and Okino Poly Trans, according to FileInfo.com.


Apple Quick Draw 3d is no longer available for purchase, but you can create files similar to 3dmf files using the program Open GL.

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