What Is The File Extension Igs

File extension .igs is associated with several file types, the most common being:

– International Graphics Exchange Standard file format

– CAD overlay

– Image Systems Grayscale.

Why Can’t I Open .igs Files?

If your Windows-based PC or your MAC is unable to open .igs files, you may not have the appropriate program or programs installed. You may also have file extension related registry errors. Registry errors can be fixed manually or via a registry cleaner. Visit download.com to find a free or inexpensive cleaner for your computer.

About .igs Files

Some files that are saved as .igs are:

–International Graphics Exchange Standard file format is used for the 2D or 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) model file. It is a standard format used to save 3D wire-frame models. It is frequently used by designers to exchange CAD drawings.

–CAD overlay is associated with the program CAD overlay 4.1-7.2.

–It is also associated with files saved as Image Systems Grayscale, 8 bits.

.igs Programs

Programs that open .igs files include:

For Mac:

-IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe 16

-Nemetschek VectorWorks

For Windows:

-Actify SpinFire Professional

-Autodesk AutoCAD with IGES Import plug-in

-Cimmetry Systems AutoVue

-IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe 16

-Informative Graphics ModelPress Publisher or Reader

-Nemetschek VectorWorks

One File

Do you just need to open one file? Or would you prefer to test out a new program before purchasing it? Once you’ve determined which program has created your file, visit the software producer’s website for a trial download.

Take a Look

Several tricks exist that can help you take a look–if not completely open and alter–files with mystery or odd extensions. Make sure the computer has a solid image viewer, then set it up under “options” or “preferences” to deal with all image files. If you don’t have one, technofileonline.com recommends you consider installing Irfan View, available from www.irfanview.com.

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Also, both MAC and Windows users can frequently find alternate programs that can open unfamiliar files, such as .igs. Have a PC? Simply press your Shift key and then right-click on the .igs file. Mac users have a similar process: just click the file and then press “Cmd-I.” On both types of operating systems you can then look for “Open with:” in the menu that pops up and simply choose a program from the list.

Hint: do not click the “Always open with” checkbox as it will possibly hinder any future searches.