What Kind Of Software Do I Need For Graphic Designing

Graphic designers use software programs to manipulate images.

Graphic designers not only work with photographed, drawn and computer-generated images, they also create the unique typefaces seen in television ads, movies and magazines, according to the American Institute of Graphic Arts. To do their job, they use various types of software programs.

Image Editing

An image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop allows the graphic designer to manipulate and to create new images. It gives him complete control of color. He can change colors to suit the theme of his design.


To create flyers and promotional pieces, graphic designers use layout programs such as Adobe InDesign that enable them to place pictures in specified locations. This type of program gives graphic designers complete control of how the text flows from one page to page and around images.


The creation of logos requires a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator. Vector programs allow the graphic designer to create images that are scalable, meaning these images retain their clarity no matter how big or small they are. Traditional digital images can only be enlarged so much before they become unrecognizable.


Movies, television and commercials require the use of animation software, such as Pixar’s RenderMan, by graphic designers. This type of program allows graphic designers to create cartoons as well as computer generated moving images. Animation programs are also used by graphic designers in designing video games.


Graphic designers also create Flash videos for use on websites and in software packages. Adobe Flash software enables the graphic designer to create animations in the Flash format that is compatible with all browsers on the Internet.

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