What Kind Of Video Card Does An Aspire 4720z Have

The Aspire 4720Z’s video card supports digital and analog TV output.

The Aspire 4720Z is a laptop computer produced by Acer. This laptop uses an integrated graphics processor in place of a discrete video card. This processor is part of a chipset built into the motherboard that serves as the motherboard’s core logic processor. This device controls a number of features integrated into the motherboard, including graphics processing.

Motherboard Chipset

The graphics processing unit for the 4720Z is integrated into Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset integrated into the motherboard. The GL960 is an outdated motherboard chipset used in older models of laptop first released in 2007. The GL960 is designed to provide a cost effective solution that combines modest performance and energy efficiency. This chipset has an average maximum power draw rated at 13.5 watts.

Chipset Performance

The GL960 determines a number of performance characteristics affecting the overall speed and graphics processing capabilities of the 4720Z. The GL960 supports a 533 MHz front side bus used to transfer information between the central processing unit and other system components. The 4720Z’s graphics processor uses shared video memory apportioned from the laptop’s system memory to process graphics information. The GL960 chipset supports a maximum of two gigabytes of dual-channel DDR2 standard random access memory with a maximum memory bandwidth of 8.5 GB per second.

Graphics Processor

The graphics processor used on the GL960 chipset is an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100. This graphics processor has a speed rated at 500 MHz and a shader processing speed of 500 MHz. This processor supports a total of 384 MB of video memory using the 533 MHz DDR2 memory supported by the GL960 chipset. The X3100 graphics processor uses a programmable graphics processing pipeline that allows it to use the DirectX version 10.0 Application Programming Interface even though it was initially designed for version 9.0.

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Graphics Features

The X3100 supports a number of features including an integrated video processing chip designed to process video data without relying on the CPU. The X3100 also supports several types of HD Video Playback including DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc formats. The X3100 supports playback at a variety of resolutions including 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The LCD monitor included with the Aspire 4720Z only supports resolutions up to 1280 by 800 pixels limiting 1080 HD video playback to an external monitor.