Why Use Graphic Organizers In Education

Venn diagrams represent a popular type of graphic organizer.

Students sometimes struggle with comprehending new or complex information, making decisions or organizing their thoughts for lengthy written assignments. According the Center for Applied Special Technology, the use of graphic organizers can circumvent such problems and support better learning.


Some alternate names for graphic organizers include: “concept map,” “concept diagram” and “story map.”


Visual learners, as well as learners with special needs, benefit greatly from graphic organizers. These types of learners frequently rely upon graphs, charts or pictures to comprehend difficult concepts.


Graphic organizers facilitate data management by visually representing relationships between facts and specific learning tasks or goals. Students gain a better grasp of what is being taught through the implementation of graphic organizers.


The most effective graphic organizers guide students to capture and link together essential information that later can be reported in logical, meaningful ways.


Planning charts, time lines, Venn diagrams and cluster graphs represent just a few of the wide variety of graphic organizers that can be used in classrooms.

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