Work With Text In Cinema 4d

While people tend to think of 3D models and renders as being used only for animation or video games, they can also be a part of a graphics design, such as for a sign, logo or website banner. Cinema 4D is often used by professionals to create these types of graphics. It has a number of powerful tools that make it easy for the user to create impressive results. One of the most useful of these tools is the text tool. By using the text tool inside Cinema 4D, artists can incorporate the text directly into the design, rather that adding in later in a graphics program like Photoshop.


1. Open Cinema 4D. Select “File” from the menu and choose “Open.” In the dialog that appears, locate the file where you would like to add text and open it.

2. Go to the “Objects” section at the top and choose “Splines.” From the options, choose “Text.”

3. Go to the “Text Object” palette in the lower right corner and type in the text you want. Then, click on the “Font” button. In the dialog that appears, choose the font style and color you want and click “OK.”

4. Go to the “Objects” section and choose “Nurbs.” From the options, choose “Extrude Nurbs.”

5. Click on the listed “Extrude Nurbs” object in the Object palette. Then go to the “Object Properties” palette and next to the “Movement” entry change the “Z” number to adjust the thickness of the 3D letters you made.

6. Select the “Move” tool and place the letters where you want them in the scene. Save your work.

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