Write A Demonstration For A Graphic Organizer

You will need to demonstrate fill out a graphic organizer on the board.

Many teachers use graphic organizers, or diagrams, that show the relationship between several pieces of information in order to make their lessons more easily understood. For example, a teacher who is describing the causes of the American Revolution can use a cause and effect graphic organizer to show how several events came together and caused an important historical event. Before you can expect students to organize information themselves using a graphic organizer, you’ll have to demonstrate use one effectively.


1. Draw a blank version of the graphic organizer on the board and label each part. For example, if you were drawing a graphic organizer to show multiple causes of one effect, you would draw several circles pointing at one larger circle. The smaller circles would be labeled “Causes” and the smaller circles would be labeled “Effects.”

2. Instruct students to copy the graphic organizer onto their own papers.

3. Ask students to predict what the organizer is for, as well as what type of information would go in each box or circle.

4. Give students a paragraph containing information that would fit into the graphic organizer. Encourage them to read the paragraph and try to fit the pieces into their graphic organizers.

5. Discuss the structure of the paragraph and point out that it matches the graphic organizer. For example, you might say: “This paragraph shows several events that caused one important event. I know it can go in this graphic organizer because it is several causes leading to one effect.”

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6. Have students volunteer to share the pieces of information from the paragraph that they fit into each section of the graphic organizer. Add these pieces of information to the graphic organizer on the board.

7. Point out any key words and phrases they used to help them determine which fact should go into each part of the graphic organizer (e.g., because, due to, in response to).

8. Give students a similar paragraph to practice with on their own.