Write A Designer Job Cover Letter

Utilize your design skills to write a cover letter that will make an impression for your next designer job hunt. Convey your own unique sense of style and design while giving a recruiter or HR professional the information they need to know you are the right candidate for the job.


Design the Perfect Cover Letter

1. Be upfront about your qualifications. If you are just starting out in your design career, focus your energies on describing your academic experience. This might include explaining the design focus of your undergraduate degree, as well as identifying any design industry internships in the design field you may have participated in.

2. Indicate how your specific skills and talents will be beneficial to the company. For example, your knowledge of CAD or other designing software would be the perfect thing to emphasize when applying for a position where your work will primarily be done in a virtual environment.

3. Write a brief paragraph describing your design process. Depending on the kind of designing job you are seeking, it should relate to the processes currently being used within your industry. For example, when applying for a fashion design job you might describe your use of “swipe” material in creating a design concept board.

4. Keep the focus of your reader on the attributes you possess that most clearly reflect those she is currently seeking in a job candidate. If a job posting indicates that the target company is seeking a designer with branding experience, your work in product line development should be highlighted in your letter.

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5. Write a winning conclusion to your cover letter by citing examples of your work which may be seen in publications. Since most cover letters will not be accompanied by your portfolio, this is a good way to give your target company a sneak preview of your design work.