Write A Good Resume For A Web Designer

Web designers will need a good resume and portfolio of their work.

Writing a good resume is a key component of any job search. A good resume for a web designer is even more complicated by the fact that in many cases the prospective employer will want to view detailed samples of the web designer’s work. A comprehensive resume on paper and online is probably the best approach for writing a good resume for a web designer.


Writing an Effective Website Designer Resume

1. Start creating a traditional resume in the word processing program on the computer by listing the web designer’s name, address and contact information (phone, cell phone, fax, email address, etc.) at the top of the page in the center.

2. List all of the jobs held in an “Experience” section with dates. Within each of those listings, a brief list of the main projects or websites that were designed should appear.

3. List all of the computer programs the designer knows which are related to web design, for example, Javascript, PHP, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign. Cluster the programs according to skill level, such as:

Expert: Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop;

Proficient: JavaScript, PHP, CSS;

Familiar with: Ajax, MySQL.

4. List all schools attended with dates. Also list any qualifications in computer programs, with schools and dates, if the main degree was not related to computing, art or web design.

5. List any memberships to professional associations or groups, or any associations relevant to the web design aspect of the resume. For example: Member of the HTML Coders Forum; Member of the International Webmasters Association.

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6. Register a personal website with the name of the web designer as the domain name, if the domain name is available. Organize hosting for the website.

7. Create a webpage called “Portfolio” using the website creation software, with screen images of the samples of the projects the web designer has worked on, or links to all of the website URLs that the designer wishes to sa prospective employer. The links should be clickable and each should open in a new window. Upload the portfolio page and any screen samples to the new website.

8. Copy the full URL of the portfolio and paste it at the top of the “Experience” section of the resume. Then state before the URL: “My full portfolio can be viewed at:”.

9. Save the word processed resume. Copy and paste it onto a second webpage, or create a PDF of it. Upload the PDF to the site, and link to it from the portfolio page.