Write A Graphic Novel Online

Ready to show off your graphically illustrated novel idea to the world? Several web sites allow you to upload your graphic novel for free. All you have to do is create your graphic novel, register for a comic hosting site, upload your comic and click “submit.”


Graphic Novels

1. Learn draw or find someone who does know draw.

2. Come up with an idea for a story, character or idea that you want to explore.

3. Write your story on a word processor. Free write or create an outline and follow your imagination.

4. Determine the size you want your pages to be.

5. Start drawing images all over a page. For Western graphic novels, story paneling progresses from left to right. In Eastern graphic novels, story paneling progresses from right to left. Determine how many panels you want, using few panels if you want to emphasize specific actions.

6. Scan your page if you are drawing the panels of your graphic novel using a traditional medium such as a printer/scanner.

7. Determine whether or not you want to use word bubbles, thought clouds or floating text for the writing part of your graphic novel. Use the text tool in the graphics program to type out dialogue and monologue. For exposition and actions, try to depict them using the images.

8. Find a free comic hosting site like Smack Jeeves. Fill out an online registration form.

9. After you register, click “Set up web comic.” Choose a title and category description for your comic. Then start uploading the comic pages of your comic. Go to the “Upload image” section, click “Browse,” find the comic page file on your computer, select it and then click “Open.” Repeat this step for each page. Then click “Submit.”

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