Write A Historical Book Report In Present Tense

Writing a book report allows students to express their own opinions about what they read.

A book report is a classic school assignment, given by teachers for years and years. It’s an assignment that exercises two main skills: reading and writing, as well as building an argument and conducting analysis. A historical book is an appropriate subject for a book report because it gets kids learning about history. Book reports also allow students to express and defend their candid opinions.


1. Select a historical book to read and then write about. For example, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or “The Diary of Anne Frank” are classic choices.

2. Take notes as you read the book. Write down the main characters and their characteristics, as well as the main plot of the story. Write down the ending of the story and how the author resolves the main conflict and your opinion of both the ending and resolution of the conflict.

3. Write down your general thoughts, opinions and impressions of the story. Start your introductory paragraph with one of your favorite quotes from the story. Explain the significance of the quote and what genre the historical book is.

4. Summarize the main points of the story in a single five-sentence paragraph. In the next paragraph, summarize the main characters and their goals and flaws.

5. Write your recommendations in the final paragraph. Do you recommend the book to others to read? Explain why, pulling specific pieces of evidence from the story. Do the same if you are not recommending the book.

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