Write A New Employee Press Release

Write a New Employee Press Release

A well-written press release is an inexpensive yet effective way to gain media attention. The hiring of a new executive or other employee of strategic importance to your company is a well-established reason to issue a press release. Follow these simple steps to write a new employee press release.


1. Write “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:” at the top of the page.

2. Provide contact information, separating each item onto its own line: the name of the person the media should contact with questions; your company’s name, phone and fax numbers; the media contact’s email address; and the address of your company’s Web site.

3. Write the headline: (Your company) Names (new employee) as Title.

4. Write a subhead describing the reason the new employee is qualified for the role, such as: (New employee) Brings X Years of Industry Experience to (your company).

5. Answer the “Five W” questions (who, what, where, when, why) in the opening paragraph, using this structure: City, State, Date-(Your company) today announced that (new employee) has been named (title). (New employee) will (very briefly describe the high-level responsibilities associated with the new role).

6. Write a quote from an executive (CEO, president, vice president) at your company stating that your company is pleased to bring the new employee on board and stating the way in which adding the new employee will strengthen the company or benefit customers.

7. In a new paragraph, provide details about the new employee, such as past relevant experience and the names of recognizable companies where the new employee previously worked.

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8. Obtain a quote from a customer stating that they are pleased to learn about the new hire and that they look forward to continued excellence in your company’s products or services.

9. In the final paragraph, recap information about the new employee, the role and the benefit to your company or to customers of adding the new employee.

10. Write “For additional information, contact:,” then provide the same contact information in Step 2.

11. Finish with a standardized description of your company and its history.

12. To indicate that the press release is finished, leave an empty line and then center 3 pound signs on the page: # # #.

13. Carefully proofread the release to eliminate errors in fact and typography.