Write A Paper On A Character

Character descriptions and mannerisms are some things to include when writing about a character.

Writing about a character can be exciting for some students but for others, it may be a vague task. They may need more structure and guidance to complete the assignment. When students are asked to write a about a character, having an outline can help guide their writing. Write an Essay also suggests using an outline as a way “to sum up each paragraph” before writing the entire paper.


1. Begin with a topic sentence so readers know who and what you’re writing about. Topic sentences set the tone for your paper and pull readers into what you have to say.

2. Write why you have chosen to write about the character. This can be a matter of stating an opinion such as I’m writing about Arthur because he’s nice and always does funny things.

3. Describe the characteristics of the character. Writing a description of the character helps paint a picture in the reader’s mind. Go beyond the character’s literal appearance and explain the character’s style. For example, a character may always wear a ripped shirt with baggy jeans and untied shoelaces and carry a slingshot on his back. The Florida Center for Reading Research also suggests writing about characteristics such as, “What things does the character do?” and writing “something important about the character.”

4. Write down the things you like or dislike about the character. This is the time to give readers an idea of who the character is. The character may be a bully, or he may like the same things you enjoy doing.

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5. Make a connection to the character you’re writing about. Explain if there are things that you and the character do or do not have in common. Your life may be like the character’s life because you both have siblings, live in the city and love recess. Your life may be different because of things such as how you dress or who you live with.